Support Teams


This integral team handles a wide scope of tasks, covering both the firm's internal and external communication needs. The team also handles the arrangement of speeches, lectures, and presentations of the firm and if needed, represent the company in various conventions, symposia, and congresses.


Palafox Associates is well-equipped with a library containing at least 400,000 books, journals, magazines, planning and architectural reports. The firm has full-time librarians to document and process these materials for easier access and proper circulation.

Quality and Environmental Management Team

To ensure that the firm complies with ISO 9001 and 14001 standards, all Palafox Associates employees are oriented and involved in the teams handling the environmental and quality management aspects of the firm's operations, led by our Quality and Environmental Management Representative. Seminars on ISO Awareness, Emergency Preparedness and Response, Pollution Control and activities like fire drills, Annual Physical Exam, and internal audits are regularly conducted to keep the firm abreast on compliance and continual improvement.

Management Information Systems (MIS)

The MIS team introduces and maintains information technology solutions, such as LAN and WAN management, data security, warehousing and archiving, software, and hardware troubleshooting and repair, website updating and maintenance, and ISO documentation. The team integrates technology with operational systems to make that services are rendered smoothly and efficiently by regular updates of hardware and software.


The Administration Team sees to it that actions by the firm's members are aligned to company core values. Several groups devote their expertise to achieve this: The Human Resources group considers technical competencies and values in the recruitment of employees and a managed training program aims to continually improve their skills. The Business Development group, meanwhile, participates in activities to help the company generate and monitor the progress of projects. The Accounting group on the other hand makes sure that business ventures are feasible to keep the company's resources. These three make up the strong backbone in maintaining quality outputs.