• CENTRO PLAZUELA | Iloilo City, Philippines

    The development’s architectural character is derived from turn-of-the-century Spanish-Iloilo-Philippine architectural design. Envisioned as “flood free,” the whole development is elevated almost two meters from the street level. The mixture of places to shop, dine, work, and entertain plus the presence of BPO units within the development assures 24/7 security and operations which ensure the constant flow of revenue.

  • FISHERMALL | Manila, Philippines

    The Fishermall is a mixed-use activity center located on a former bus terminal. With the aim to be certified as the first “green mall” in Quezon City, the design strictly follows the City Government’s Green Building Ordinance. Open decks and balconies from the upper ground floor to the third floor establish vertical connection. LED lights will be used to illuminate the façade, contributing to the attractiveness of the structure.

  • FLAMINGO MALL | Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    The mall has a futuristic layout brought about by the curvy façade, landscaping and interiors featuring sky domes and curvilinear shapes. On the ground floor, the hypermart, commercial spaces, anchor shops and restaurants are found, with a view of the skating rink located at the basement. The upper floor, on the other hand, houses the food court, cinemas, other leasable spaces, and bowling and billiards facilities.


    Pacific Mall Naga is a modern building characterized by space efficiency within its predominantly rectangular scheme. It features a distinctive look characterized by the beige and peach color scheme. The ground floors open views of the exterior landscape through large windows. Canopy walks are also provided for the convenience of shoppers.

  • ROBINSONS' PIONEER | Manila, Philippines

    Located conveniently along the major thoroughfare of EDSA, Robinsons Pioneer stands a few meters away from the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) station. The design respected the topography by avoiding unnecessary excavation. A proposed walkway connects the left side of the mall with the MRT station as an added convenience for its visitors and shoppers.

  • ROBINSONS' STARMILLS | Pampanga, Philippines

    Robinson’s Starmills provides a sense of openness and convenience, with its proximity to the festive Paskuhan Village in the province of Pampanga. The façade’s exuberant patterns and colors follow the mall’s fiesta-themed concept. Four gates welcome shoppers into the mall, each with a theme of a specific natural wonder: mountains, seas, plains and wildlife.

  • SM CHINA MALL | Fujian Province, China

    Across the South China Sea, SM nestles in the slopes of Hok Po of the Jin Jiang Fujian Province in mainland China. Its interiors replicate the concept of a “city within a city” where virtually everything one needs is available in one location, thus giving customers an unparalleled shopping experience.

  • SM CITY FAIRVIEW | Manila, Philippines

    SM City Fairview has a dedicated atrium which establishes visual connection between floors and shops. The structure also welcomes in daylight through an undulating roof design, giving the mall a fresh perspective. SM City also boasts of an intermodal transport terminal integrated in its plan.

  • SM CITY ILOILO | Iloilo City, Philippines

    Located adjacent to the Iloilo Corporate Center is SM City Iloilo. With a lot area of 174,500 square meters, SM City Iloilo has a total floor area of 95,992 square meters. Approximately seventy-six percent (72,948sq.m) of the total floor area is leasable. SM City Iloilo has more than adequate provisions for parking with 1,641 slots for cars, delivery vans, and other vehicles.

  • SM CITY PAMPANGA | Pampanga, Philippines

    SM City Pampanga is the first SM mall constructed north of Metro Manila. It is located across the Paskuhan Village and near the San Fernando interchange along the North Luzon Expressway. SM Pampanga has more than adequate provisions for parking space, with 888 slots for cars and other vehicles.

  • SM SOUTHMALL | Manila, Philippines

    Touted as the best among SM malls, SM Southmall is also the firm’s first project with SM. The structure incorporates a welcoming façade adorned with curves. SM Southmall holds the distinction of being the first mall in the country to integrate a theme park, “The SM Storyland” in its plan.

  • TARGET MALL | Laguna, Philippines

    Focusing on the local consumers of Santa Rosa is the prime objective for the development of Target Mall. In this project, high value is placed on the aesthetics of the refurbishment of the building façade and the upgrading of its functional aspects. The improved façade is more contemporary in appeal and employs bright colors.