A challenge for this project is to implement the renovation without moving out the tenants.With the objective to create a strong statement of being contemporary while creating the ambiance of accessibility and inclusion, the design highlights include transferring the lobby to face the major roads. Light colors with accent were used to enhance the ventilation coming from the roof garden.

  • PROPOSED BANK HEADQUARTERS | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    The color palette for the exteriors – silver for the aluminum-clad walls and bluish green for the curtain walls – makes the proposed bank tower, a design competition entry, complementary to the ambiance of its immediate urban community. Design highlights include upward axes of the key geometrical form to signify upward growth; deck vegetation and covers to significantly reduce the heat load of the building and filter air pollutants; and a podium to frame the metropolitan skyline.

  • PROPOSED HEADQUARTERS FOR DAR AL YAUM | Dar Al Yaum, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    The new Dar Al Yaum office tower is envisioned to be an iconic landmark of architecture and business in Eastern Saudi Arabia. Landscaped roof gardens serve as viewing decks and alfresco areas. A water feature incorporated at the pedestrian level gives the illusion that building floats above a body of water, providing a cool and calming effect.

  • PROPOSED LANDMARK TOWER | Manila, Philippines

    In order to represent the undulating movement and stability of the finance, trade, and commerce industry, the proposed multi-storey executive building is an epitome of motion, movement, and momentum, with its iconic twisting tower and gyrating glass curtain walls. Energy conservation is implemented through the integration of green walls as heat buffers, solar panels as an alternative source of energy, and sloping ceilings to maximize the natural light during the day.


    A design competition winner, this modern five-storey building houses security agencies, offices and several establishments relative to the public safety industry. It features vertical shades with transparent and opaque surfaces mounted on steel members and glass frames casting reflections of light. Clarity of space layout is achieved through parallel double loaded corridors leading to fire exits.

  • SOCIAL WEATHER STATIONS | Quezon City, Philippines

    The office building integrates both traditional and contemporary design concept by infusing natural materials. Plants line shear walls to prevent concrete from absorbing heat, allowing a cooler office environment. Rain water is recycled to irrigate the softscapes that envelope the structure. The north side, with the prominent design character, is dominantly wrapped with wide and high windows to allow maximum natural light to penetrate the interior all throughout the day.