• AL AJBAN WILDLIFE RESORT | Al Ajban, United Arab Emirates

    The Mediterranean-inspired interiors of Al Ajban feature architectural touches typical in waterfront homes that emulate the comforts of living by the ocean. The glass-paneled windows, large, comfortable sofas, wooden beams across the ceiling, textured walls in sponge paint finish and a central carpet are all inspired by the sunset on the horizon.

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    ALTAVISTA DE BORACAY | Boracay Island, Philippines

    Altavista De Boracay is a resort that stands on an area with lush greenery and panoramic views of the sea. Its tropical Filipino architecture draws inspiration from the ancient balanghais of Mindanao, where the structures have undulating roofs to create a unique multi-angular façade. The resort also has a spa and wellness center, a man-made lake, a garden, and an open space for activities such as horseback riding.

  • ANANYA COAST RESORT | Cebu, Philippines

    Like the Sanskrit name implies, the Ananya Coast will be a “unique” addition to the slowly developing area of Brgy. Cotcot in Liloan, Cebu. The proposed condominium hotel / condotel is a modern take of the Filipino and Asian styles, perfectly suited to the tropical climate that it inhabits. The planned two adjoining buildings will offer panoramic views of the Camotes Sea and the Highlands of Liloan.

  • BAMBOO LAGOON ISLAND ECO-RESORT | Palawan, Philippines

    Located in El Nido, Palawan, the Bamboo Lagoon Island Eco-Resort was designed with the objective of creating a tourist destination that would have minimal impact on the environment. The plan is designed in such a way that locally available materials like aged wood columns, nipa and wooden panels, driftwood and bamboo can be used for the structures.

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    CAMP NETANYA | Batangas, Philippines

    Camp Netanya is an exclusive dive resort featuring a Greek-Mediterranean inspired building shell, light colored walls, an infinity pool and an unobstructed visual connection to Balayan Bay. It is situated on a steep one-hectare lot which has a 30-meter change in elevation from the road to the seafront and so offers incomparable design possibilities. The stepped development sprawls towards the shore – a fresh concept in resort-making and an original architectural landmark.

  • FILIPINIANA HOTEL AND RESORT | Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

    This rehabilitation project gives the Filipiniana Hotel and Resort a new façade through the enhancement of its tropical style architecture. Pale yellow paint juxtaposed with the mahogany color of the roof and pre-cast windows, new landscaping, and the addition of stone works revitalized the façade and complement the beauty of the surrounding environment.

  • TURKMENBASHY HOTEL | Turkmenistan

    Envisioned as a prime tourist destination, this pioneering and innovative project located in Turkmenistan integrates a 300-room premier hotel, residences, shopping, and entertainment facilities and offices. The anchor for this waterfront development project is its spectacular and uninterrupted views of the Caspian Sea.