• AMA UNIVERSITY TOWN | Cavite, Philippines

    The proposed AMA University Town features a master planned development intended for mixed-use and multi-use spaces integrated within the institutional zone. The master planned developments took inspiration from other university towns such as Boston and Cambridge in the United States in terms of walking as the primary mode of transport, with active spaces and connectivity for its students, faculty members, and visitors.


    Primarily composed of a cluster consisting of school buildings, a gymnasium, a football field and student accommodation, the Lyceum of the Philippines in Calamba is a virtual university town where commercial, mixed-use developments and a mass transit orientation are constructed alongside academic structures. It has an inter-building functional relationship which allows the students, faculty staff and guests to move around freely.

  • MALAYAN COLLEGES | Laguna, Philippines

    Malayan Colleges Laguna is a modern international park-like campus and an energy-efficient and environment-friendly development designed to accommodate 5,000 students per year. To minimize the impact of buildings to the environment, the design reduces the carbon footprint of the development by integrating the human activities of learning, living, working, shopping and dining within a walkable distance.

  • PROPOSED UNIVERSITY CAMPUS | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    The proposed township development will adopt the “Telepolis Concept” that maximizes the translation of the Information Technology Age on built space rather than in cyberspace, while the international university will serve as a primary institutional complex in a park-like setting.


    Established in 1569, the University of San Carlos in Cebu City is one of the first schools in the Philippines. As such, the principles of a university town are applied in the master plan which aims to revitalize the old setting to create a significant contrast to the present day structure. The buildings are located relatively close to each other to create a walkable community.

  • UST SANTA ROSA CAMPUS | Laguna, Philippines

    With the goal of providing holistic development to its students, the institution features academic buildings, sports facilities, health care, a place of worship and places to live in this campus. Three entrances follow a comprehensive semi-grid pattern. The dormitories, convent, church, ossuary as well as ecclesiastical and seminary buildings provide the ambiance of a pleasant and congenial academic life within the campus.