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    LA MESA ECO PARK | Manila, Philippines

    The project’s vision is to further enhance the watershed’s natural spaces so users may appreciate and understand the importance of the environment and nature. To generate income for the development, several activity-related venues were opened within the park: cycling grounds with bicycles for rent and areas for yoga and relaxation. Moreover, the rehabilitation of the watershed and creation of the park improved the forest cover and the biodiversity in the area.


    The rehabilitation of the Pasig River preserves our identity as a people and as a nation. The vision is to transform a “back-of-the-house” garbage dump into a “front-door” of development by increasing tourism, alleviating poverty, providing an alternative transport system while preserving the country’s natural resources.

  • SAINT ARNOLD JANSSEN CHURCH | Rizal, Philippines

    The Saint Arnold Janssen Church is a modern-contemporary design within a neighborhood. It is a well-oriented structure that allows passive cooling, giving it a welcoming atmosphere and a sense of openness. There is a parish with an adoration chapel service room for marriage counseling and personal consultations. It also houses the SVD Mission Center, the SVD Mission Museum and a mini theater.


    The Shrine of Jesus is part of the masterplanned community of the SM Central Business Park. This structure represents the culmination of an urban planning initiative to integrate places to live, work, play and worship within a single walkable community. Romanesque-inspired, the Shrine of Jesus stands as a dramatic structure on a seaside area in Metro Manila.

  • SVD DAMBANA NG BUHAY | Pampanga, Philippines

    Situated in a calm and serene location in Porac Pampanga, the SVD Dambana ng Buhay retreat center is envisioned to be place of refuge apt for prayers, meditations, retreats and other spiritual activities to develop appreciation among the Christian community that Christ’s resurrection is the most important event in the Roman Catholic religion. The highlight of the retreat center is the 124-feet high Shrine of the Risen Christ statue over a small chapel. 

  • TZU CHI SCHOOLS | Bam, Iran

    Built after an earthquake that devastated Bam, Iran, the Tzu Chi Schools provide hope for an earthquake-prone community. The unique collaborative design manifests a high regard for the culture and traditions in the area, Persian, Assyrian-Christian and Ionic Greek architectural aesthetics, and the site’s historical importance. The building has wind towers that act as air catchments to cool the building during hot days.