Gardens of the World: Highlighting the Beauty of Nature

Tangub City in Northern Mindanao is bounded by the natural beauty of Mount Malindang in the north and Panguil Bay in the south. Aside from a vibrant agricultural sector, the city of Tangub also envisions itself as an eco-tourism hotspot. In 2012, the Mt. Malindang Range Natural Park has been designated by the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity as an ASEAN Heritage Park.


The proposed Gardens of the World is a response to the international attention received by Tangub City. It seeks to create a model Nature Park development in Mindanao that promotes ecological conservation and sustainability. It also aims to spread a culture that embraces local heritage, and a sense of community among the people of Tangub, that they may also be an inspiration towards a diversified yet unified Mindanao.


With its globally-inspired gardens, the project will be a haven for rest and relaxation. It also features cascading waters, spa and wellness facilities, and reflection pools. For the more active visitors, they may also appreciate the views through biking, zipline, cable car, and even a mountain slide. As a complete development, the proposed Gardens of the World will also have a community center for tourism information, materials recovery facility, multi-purpose hall as well as places to stay, shop, and dine, among others.


The proposed Gardens of the World not only respects the site’s natural terrain and maximizes the view of the surroundings, but it also weaves Tangub’s history and heritage. A statue will be dedicated in honor of Colonel Wendell Fertig. A civil engineer by profession, he led the guerilla force in Mindanao during the World War II. There will also be a statue dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel, Tangub’s patron saint, and an amphitheater for Tangub’s multi-awarded Dalit Festival dancers.


With the Panguil Bay bridge in the pipeline, Tangub City will be easily accessible from the rest of Mindanao and the proposed Gardens of the World could be an anchor development for the city.