CCF Prayer Mountain: Towards Spiritual Learning and Development

Mountains serve an important purpose in the narrative of the Christian faith. Moses received God’s laws in Mount Sinai. The Bible depicts Jesus and his disciples teaching and praying from mountains. Mountains are also said to have been referred to in The Bible more than 500 times.


It is no wonder that the Christ’s Commission Fellowship (CCF), a unique Christian fellowship composed and led by lay men and women, would choose the slopes of Mount Makiling in Santo Tomas, Batangas as its site for spiritual learning and development. Palafox Associates has been commissioned by CCF to create the master plan for the Prayer Mountain.


The master plan establishes three major growth nodes that cater to the holistic aspects of a person’s well-being: Spiritual, Physical, and Mental. With the CCF’s vision of transforming persons through faith, integrating these three aspects will help shape and form the character of a person to what he or she aspires to be in life.


Each node will house various sets of activities from Active (e.g. Sports, Team Building, and Adventure) to Passive (e.g. Religious, Spa, Hotel, and Residential). These nodes are also delineated accordingly: Quiet and Noisy Zones as well as Private and Public Spaces. As such, the three major nodes are to have the following characteristics:


•             Physical Node (Body): Public Zone (Noisy)

•             Spiritual Node (Spirit): Semi-Private Zone (Moderate)

•             Mental Node (Mind): Private Zone (Quiet)


A major road links these nodes and serves as the spine of the entire development. It acts as a unifying element and connects the variety of programmed spaces through a pedestrian promenade. This unbroken connectivity will create a more seamless experience for the user. The landscape ensures that a person’s journey throughout the site is never broken by distracting and unnecessary elements.


The CCF Prayer Mountain is envisioned to be a premier destination for the purpose of prayer, meditation, and gathering.