Quality living in scenic Cebu

The proposed Modena Town Square integrates places to live, shop, dine, play, and worship in a masterplanned community. With around 1,500 residential units, the plan calls for a range of housing styles and sizes. A variety of building heights, from six- to 12-storey garden apartments, would ensure a better flow of natural ventilation. At the same time, it allows undisrupted views of the mountains in Minglanilla to the north and the Cebu Strait to the south of the development.


Envisioned to be a fully functioning community, the plan also has provisions for mixed-use commercial zones for shopping and dining, clubhouse with swimming pool, and a chapel. These are strategically located at the heart of the development, making it easy to access for residents at any point within the vicinity.


Moreover, greater attention to the level and design of green and open spaces is evident in the placement of pocket parks between residential buildings. These common areas provide breathing spaces that encourage an active lifestyle and create a sense of community. Designing for the human scale, the focus is not only to create aesthetically pleasing facades, but also places that foster connections.


A pedestrian-friendly approach to development also promotes walking and biking as the main modes of transport within the community. Access to public transport links the site to its immediate environment and weaves it in the urban fabric of Metro Cebu. Being developed by the Cebu-based King Properties, the proposed Modena Town Square will be a unique addition to support the demand for quality living in Cebu.