Urban futures for Ilagan

Palafox Associates has begun working together with the city of Ilagan in updating its Comprehensive Land Use Plan and Zoning Ordinance (CLUPZO) and general development guidelines. We are also involved in the design of the City's urban areas. Ilagan is a first-class city located in the heart if Cagayan Valley Region, Philippines. Its more than one hundred thousand hectares of land houses the Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park, the largest protected area in the country.

This project aims to bring the city of Ilagan well into the 21st century. As such, the plan focuses on creating and adding value to the region. This includes making the older communities more resilient while properly planning for the booming parts of the city, or what is more known as smart growth. Where applicable, the plan calls for mixing complementary land uses, creating an array of housing opportunities and choices, walkable neighborhoods, providing a strong sense of place to foster distinct and attractive communities, and multi-modal transportation choices, among others.

Part of updating the city’s CLUPZO, is to make sure that community members and stakeholders are actively involved through a series of public consultations. To date, we have held two town hall meetings with the residents and leaders from the local government, business, religious, and civil society. 

Planning and design development guidelines will be created to promote balanced development; and effect improvements in the land use patterns, circulation network, and renewal of the city and its communities. Tourism and agro-industrial activities will also be introduced to diversify Ilagan's economy. Furthermore, the plan also addresses flooding by identifying flood-prone areas, especially along the Cagayan and Pinacanauan Rivers, and suggesting possible growth centers for the growing metropolis.

The urban design, on the other hand, prioritizes several areas, including two entry points (from Manila and Tuguegarao), three main parks, Rizal Road, and the Ilagan National High School Stadium. One of the first considerations is to identify its main product and economic activity, which is corn production. The brand ties together these areas into a cohesive design. The corn is integrated in the design of the arc and pylons at the entryways, adding a sense of place and arrival. To improve on the existing roads and walkways, the Urban Design Team proposed adding large paved walkways, bollard lighting, and landscaping.