Health and wellness take center stage in Tarlac

Elsewhere in the world, the reality of an aging population is being considered a development challenge, since caring for the elderly can be costly and economic growth and productivity depends on a young adult labor force. Much of the developed world is now entering an unprecedented era of “hyperaging” as a result of falling fertility and rising longevity. The Baby Boomers are now the new “teenagers.” As such, there is a growing market for retirement and healthcare communities in Asia. With the abundance of its skilled health professionals, the Philippines is being tapped at as the number one cost-effective destination. 
A medical center envisioned to become an exciting new setting in Philippine healthcare, the Tarlac Doctors Medical Center sits on a 2.7-hectare property in Barangay San Vicente, Tarlac City. The ground breaking ceremony was held last December 2014.
The largest buildings on the site are the Hospital, Medical Arts Center, and multi-storey parking facility, all interconnected. They will be equipped with the latest technologies and modern facility design for the 21st century patient.

A retirement village is also planned for Tarlac’s senior citizens for their rehabilitation, and wellness activities. Linear parks and open spaces promote natural therapeutic healing to the residents. With a close proximity to their elderly patients, medical professionals will be able to cater to the needs of the senior residents within the community.
The entire development is planned to be walkable, bike-able, and pedestrian-oriented. Roads are smaller in width within the area to minimize flow of traffic resulting in a less polluted community. Part of its long-term plan, roads are also made accessible to adjacent lots that may be acquired in the future to allow the property to expand its land, facilities, and number of users. Offsite access is deemed necessary to provide and accommodate sufficient and wide entry points into the property.
As a pioneer, high-end healthcare facility in Tarlac, it is hoped that the Medical Center will also be an important landmark in the province.