Palafox Associates celebrates its 25th anniversary by looking toward the future--continuing its tradition of quality projects, design innovation, business best practices, and social responsibility.


Hundreds of VIPs—from business leaders, government officials, diplomatic corps, construction industry leaders, notable personalities, to close friends—gathered at the Dusit Thani grand ballroom in Makati last July 1 to congratulate the firm for 25 wonderful years of benchmarking projects in the architecture, planning, and design industry. Three hundred guests from 40 countries came to celebrate this milestone with Palafox Associates.


Before the firm’s cocktail event, founder and Principal Architect-Urban Planner Felino “Jun” Palafox, Jr. and Managing Partner and Urban Planner Karima “Karmi” Patricia Palafox held a press conference to introduce the key professionals who are helping shape the future of Palafox Associates, and the firm’s new company, the Palafox Architecture Group. Forty plus mediamen covered the event, and Architect Palafox took the opportunity to thank the media for 25 years of objectively covering the firm’s milestones, and his anti-corruption and green urbanism advocacies.


“We wouldn’t be here without your continuing support in what we do,” says Architect Palafox.


Palafox Associates was founded on 1 July 1989 by Principal Architect Felino Palafox Jr. and started with just a staff of three, and offered only three services: Architecture, Planning, and Consultancy. Twenty-five years later, the firm has had more than 800 employees grace its Makati office. It diversified and included interior design, business development planning, and even graphic design, further branching out to include town planning, site planning, engineering,  project development studies, environmental design, and tourism planning.


It takes a grand vision, an unwavering committment, the right project choices, and strong  trust and confidence of clients for a company to succeed. Palafox Associates has been successful in these areas, but prides itself, above all else, on the core values that have kept the firm on the right path: honesty and integrity, spirituality, nature and environment, global excellence, and professionalism.



Richard Mills, Chairman of Chalre Associates and Co-founder of the Asia CEO Awards, a close friend of Architect Palafox, hosted the event. One of the highlights of the event is the four-minute video showing Palafox Associates’ benchmark projects, services, the introduction of the Palafox Architecture Group, and its plans for the next years.


Karmi Palafox delivered the keynote speech: “We are blessed to have been given countless opportunities to practice our profession - to be part of the design of a family’s first home, to conceptualize new townships, to plan with different leaders on how to develop their untapped resource and attract tourists to their towns, regenerate the forgotten parts of the city, improve the quality of life of people; and to see how our drawings transform into hotels, shopping centers, golf courses, schools, churches, towers and communities,” shares Karmi Palafox in her speech during the event. “We love what we do. We thank our clients for entrusting us and for remaining confident that we will do a good job. We also acknowledge the consultants, suppliers, and contractors that we have collaborated with and implemented our projects with us.”


Karmi Palafox is optimistic about the firm’s direction towards global excellence. “We look forward to the next 25 years or more of Palafox Associates. We will continue our mission of designing and planning a sustainable future for all and create value in every place, building and community that we design.”
Architect Palafox echoes his daughter’s optimism. “As we drive on the highway called the Future, let us not limit our view by frequently checking the rearview mirrors of the past. The windshield of the future offers a wider panorama, a clearer window towards new opportunities, experiences, and future trends,” shares Palafox.


The company intends to live on long beyond its founder, and Arch. Palafox has already laid the foundations with his continuing vocation towards sharing his values, advocacies, and vision to the next generation.