TopConnection.Asia drafts a strong partnership with Palafox Associates

Palafox Associates and TopConnection.Asia Inc. have entered into an agreement that will provide a "powered by Avolve" cloud-based technology platform to build smart and green cities in the Philippines. The technology will provide City Building officials and Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) companies the ability for digital plan review services.

The common advocacy for this agreement is the promotion of transparency, accountability and good governance in the public sector; while concurrently pushing for a better and greener environment through the adaptation of world-class green technologies.

"Electronic plan submission and review is becoming the standard in golbal AEC market for lower cost, fast and agile regulatory requirements," said Palafox Associates Principal Architect-Urban Planner Felino Palafox, Jr. "Our company is aggressively pursuing digital technology to meet global demands. We will adapt and promote the use of Electronic Plan (ePlan) systems throughout the Philippines and our global customers. Partnering with TopConnection.Asia and Avolve Software Corporation gives us the technology to help build smart and green environmental cities in the Philippines."

Avolve Software Corporation is the number one Electronic Plan system in the United States and Canada. Avolve pioneered the ProjectDox® ePlan software for the built environment. Some of its customers in the United States are the cities of Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, and Washington, DC. Several multi-billion dollar projects such as the Bow Tower in Calgary, Canada have been built using ProjectDox. The City of Riverside, California's Mayor Rusty Bailey said, "ProjectDox will streamline government processes and save businesses money. The implementation of this software is just one more example of how city leaders are reinvesting in Riverside to ensure we maintain our presence as an Intelligent Community."

The cloud-based technology will provide cities in the Philippines the ability to submit and review building plans online 24/7. This will allow international collaboration with architects, contractors and building officials with plans and documents regardless of location. This results to proven green savings for builders and cities.

"Avolve Software innovative technology will support the Philippines' safety and green initiatives for the built environment," said TopConnection.Asia's Founder and CEO Basilio D. Lasco, Jr. "This technology has never been as relevant as today. Leading cities in the Philippines can be more competitive in the global market allowing foreign builders and investors to submit and process their building plans faster and more effectively. Philippine AEC companies can also use the technology to provide better and competitive international outsource services."

"We're honored that the Philippines, through the partnership of Palafox Associates and TopConnection.Asia, will be implementing our wprld-class built environment technology for the betterment of building green environmental smart cities," said Ron Loback, Avolve CEO and President.