The Planning and Architecture of Palafox Associates, 1998

The planning and architecture of Palafox Associates serves as a kind of barometer tracking down and monitoring trends in urban development and architecture. Such an approach requires a sense of history, a sharp eye on critical comparison, and most importantly, a conscious effort towards global excellence.

This volume aims to stimulate intellectual discussions on today’s planning and architecture. Today’s academicians, architecture and planning professionals and students, government officials, journalists, and inquisitive minds may assess how the country’s settlement patterns were actually built, and how all the urban expansion may have affected today’s property development trends.

The book also features the numerous projects showcasing Palafox Associates’ innovative, unique, and remarkable approaches in planning and architecture from its founders to anecdotes by the firm’s international clients.

The book is authored by Visitacion R. de la Torre in 1998, well-known for her work in the publishing industry. Most of her published coffee table books are focused on the Filipino culture. Among them, Landmarks of Manila (1571 – 1930), The Barong Tagalog : The Philippines’ National Wear, Advertising in the Philippines, and Churches of the Philippines, among others.