Palafox Associates was born in a period of change. Founded on the same year as the Web, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the fall of Communism in Western Europe and coup attempts in the Philippines, the firm had to be versatile to evolve through global changes. Since the company‚Äôs entry into the Philippine architectural, planning, design, and engineering scene was not exactly fortuitous, the firm saw an opportunity in the global market.                           

Through the years, Palafox Associates has been setting the benchmark in the Philippine planning, architecture and design scene. In less than 10 years, it has emerged as a top Filipino architectural firm recognized by the London-based World Architecture magazine. Before its 15th year, it has metamorphosed into a top Southeast Asian architecture, planning, engineering, environmental design and interior design firm backed by ISO certifications 9001 and 14001 of TUV of Germany.

Today, Palafox Associates envisions to influence the rest of the world with its site-respective stylistic reference approach to design, as it continuously comes up with visionary projects for the betterment of mankind.


People/Social Equity The advancement of people's lives is always considered in the designs of the firm. Utmost importance is given to the satisfaction of not only the clients but also of the end-users. The firm participates in architectural activism by igniting the interests of local governments to invest in projects for development and good governance in the industry, promotes patriotic architecture by considering cultural contexts and societal thrusts, values democratic architecture, gender equality and recognizes corporate social responsibility.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Planet Earth/Environment As design and planning professionals, we take a stand in protecting and enhancing the environment, making sure that the natural and built environments can harmoniously co-exist first by looking at the bigger urban context of a location. Thus, it is important for us to conduct site analysis to be able to evaluate its characteristics and constraints, and identify its development opportunities. 

Profit/Economy Project acquisition is the major consideration of a profit-oriented approach. To this end, the firm invests in creating a track record of projects to establish credibility and a trustworthy level of expertise. We continue to invest in high-end technology and data archival to better service our clients.